Why Choose Us for Your Retrofit

Since 1981, Arrow Signs has continued to evolve and expand our services. We have saved small local businesses to large chains thousands of dollars by replacing components of an existing lighting system with parts that are more energy efficient. Arrow Signs is a Registered Program Ally of the Ameren Energy Efficiency Programs and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have what it takes to provide outstanding service from concept to completion! 

In addition to retrofitting, we specialize in the initial design, fabrication, and installation of all types of outdoor signage. This includes; pylon signs, identification and monument signs, EMCs (electronic messaging center), exterior building, etc. Call us today! 618-466-0818

It Pays to Switch

It Pays to Switch

  • Immediate and long-term benefits
  • Save up to 70% of electricity costs by going to LED
  • Lighting incentives not available anywhere else but Ameren
  • Provide a safer, better-lit environment for customers and employees
  • Eye-catching, illumination of storefront
  • Retrofit/fixtures last twice as long
  • High-tech controls, such as occupancy sensors and day-lighting monitors
  • The price of long-lasting LED bulbs keep coming down, incandescents are going up
It Pays to Switch

Our Experience

We have the equipment and staff to take care of any size commercial, community or industrial project from start to finish. Our attention to customer relationships, safety and detail make us a stand out. We’re happy to provide references and related examples from our vast job portfolio.

We’ve worked with over 1000 local & national businesses to help maximize practicality & visual presence. The excellence we provide along with decades of community involvement has created a trust that keeps customers coming back. 

It Pays to Switch

Get Started!

  1. Contact Arrow to schedule a free evaluation 618.466.0818 •  send us a message
  2. We’ll send out an expert to do a complete on-site survey of your current lighting system including your building, parking lot and all signage.
  3. Arrow will review the evaluation and available Ameren incentives offered specifically to businesses like yours.
  4.  We will provide a proposal once your Ameren incentives have been verified.
  5.  Once approved, we will get you scheduled and start your retrofit.

Examples of Our Work

Arrow Signs, Inc. has completed hundreds of lighting retrofit projects and saved customers thousands of dollars. No matter what the industry – retail, healthcare, hospitality, educational, industrial –we can design an optimal lighting system for your business.

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