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On Site Surveys By Arrow Signs & Outdoor Advertising, Inc.

A bad survey can cost your business time and money. We exclusively offer sign survey services in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

We also offer, permitting, manufacturing, installation, service and repair.

Our quotation can include preparing drawings of your new signage for your Landlord, if required, and also for your City Sign Permit Application. This means we will send our people to measure your property. We will then produce detailed drawings of the sign, how it is built, and the property where it will be installed.

We deal with the City so that you do not have to! We can also help you provide the necessary materials to get approval from your Landlord.

We will send our drawings to your Landlord, and deliver them to your City with a Sign Permit Application, if necessary.

If your Landlord has sign criteria, please give us a copy. It will help us insure that the Landlord quickly approves the layout for your new sign.

When your City approves your permit they will usually require the sign company to return to City Hall to pick up the permit in person.

If your City requires a pre-installation sign inspection, Arrow Signs will comply.

After the sign is installed, the City will inspect the sign, and your electrical connection to the sign.*

*NOTE: Most cities, and the National Electrical Code, require that a sign have a disconnect (switch). If your channel letter sign is being installed on a raceway, our price includes installing a switch on the raceway. If not, and if your electrical service to the sign does not have a LOCKABLE disconnect, we have a solution!

If your sign is being installed by us, locally, and you are present at the sign installation, we will tell you if your existing electrical does not have a lockable disconnect.

Application for Permits and Variances
The location of your business is controlled by a local zoning or comprehensive land use code. Placement and the physical parameters of your sign are controlled either by a section of the zoning code or by a separate "sign code."

Most communities have an official, generally in the planning department, to whom you must go to obtain your initial application to construct and place your sign. Usually, the permitting criteria will be very specific, with ample instructions on how to complete the application.

If it appears that a size, height, lighting or placement requirement would not allow your sign to be easily visible or readable, you should apply for a "variance from" or "exception to" that requirement. However, it is generally safe to say that 95% of signs in the United States were built and placed pursuant to an "over the counter" permit.

If you have any questions regarding the above statements, please notify your Arrow Signs representative to resolve any concerns you may have.

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