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Installation By Arrow Signs & Outdoor Advertising, Inc.

Sign service and installation are a large part of our business. Not only do we install what we build but we also install signs for companies that do not have the capabilities to install their own work. Many major national corporations trust us to handle the work when they move or open locations throughout the St. Louis Metro Area. We understand the importance of a perfect installation as the finishing touch on any sign project.

All of our installations are performed by master sign electricians and licensed sign erectors. We will conform to Underwriters Laboratories standards, the National Electric Code, the Building Code and any local codes and ordinances that may have jurisdiction if requested. Building penetrations, if any, will be kept to a minimum and will be sealed to maintain building integrity.

We use only the finest materials in our installation and service work. This includes high quality wire and insulators, non-corrosive fasteners, high strength welding rods and electrical components. When we complete your installation we will leave our work area in a broom clean condition and provided you with copies of site photos

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